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-  P A N T A  R H E I  ,  2 0 1 8  -

White stoneware clay carved from a solid piece of clay and painted with natural oxides and transparent glaze.


Fired to 1260°C

Drawing on inspiration from maps and the River Thames, as well as philosophy, each piece has been hand-built and hand sculpted from a single piece of clay. By allowing the clay to express itself during the making process, each piece is completely unique.


The contrast between the strong architectural forms and the delicate and fluid marks of the oxides on the surface reflects the delicate and powerful nature of the river and its water. ‘A portrait of a river, never still enough to capture.’ Despite their geometric forms, each piece has an irregularity imbuing the organic flourishes from which their shape is derived. Like water, each sculpture transmits light and lends itself to transformation, with the possibility of being displayed inside or outside, suspended in the air or lying on a surface.


‘Panta Rhei’, which translates to ‘Everything Flows’ in Ancient Greek – is a concept of philosophy by Hericlitus who believed ever-present change as being the fundamental essence of the universe.


“No man steps in the same river twice.”

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