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-  F U T U R E   F O S S I L S  ,  2 0 1 8  -

Unglazed slip cast porcelain plastic bottles with paper clay additions.

Future Fossils by Heather Gibson showcased as part of the collaborative artwork 'Artery'  at WhoNew Art Trail in 2018.  Featuring ceramic creations by Heather Gibson, Caroline Winn, Kathryn Hearn and glass art by Stewart Hearn, 'Artery’ was an installation which was created in response to the River Thames.

London’s tidal river swells and ebbs, easing the flotsam and jetsom up and down, in and out, relentlessly day and night. Teasing packaging, bottles, rope, straps, netting, polystyrene cups and containers from under bridges and jetties, submerged in mud, caught in the roots of trees and discarded from boats and buildings. Allowing them to mass and collect in large clouds or small eddies and trails, very often washing into Chiswick Mall at high tide, depositing them with us as a reminder.


These artefacts speak of our culture of convenience  and choices.The Thames is not alone in its 21st century collection of plastic deitrus: waterways the world over are coming to terms with this contemporary phenomenon which was spawned in the 20th century. However the river has been doing this for centuries: mudlarks discover ceramic, glass, metal, leather, wood and stone, everyday treasures from previous generations as an imprint of the rich cultural, social and industrial mix that is London. The historic narrative being over-layed by modern life.


The water is cleaner than it has been for many years and communities are engaged in the value of this majestic waterway. ‘Artery’ celebrates and enjoys this diversity.

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